Wait ‘Til Next Year | Milwaukee Bucks


The Milwaukee Bucks lost what was supposed to be their franchise player in Jabari Parker back in December. Their $44 million center had to walk away from the game due to a mental illness and the team brought in a new head coach. And yet they still had a 26-win improvement.

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Where Does Steve Nash Rank All-Time?


Eight NBA All-Star appearances. Two NBA MVP’s. 10,335 career assists – good for third all-time. Future Hall-of-Fame inductee.

Steve Nash had an excellent NBA career. There’s no disputing that. His eight-year run in Phoenix was incredible – 16.3 points, 10.9 assists, 51% field goals, 43.7% 3-point field goals, 91.2% free throws, three trips to the Western Conference Finals.

What he and Mike D’Antoni did was revolutionary. And let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for Robert Horry body-checking Nash into the scorer’s table that led to a bench clearing altercation, both he and D’Antoni would have at least one NBA championship under their belt.

But there’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand in today’s world. Everybody lives in the moment.

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