TOP 5 – Impact Free Agents


When free agency kicks off Wednesday a lot of movement is expected to come. With a huge salary cap increase on the horizon, many players want to get paid. Some free agents have made their moves clear some haven’t but here are five free agents bound to have a huge impact when pen goes to paper with their perspective teams:

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Magic Waiting On Thibodeau


The Orlando Magic have a lot of nice young talent in their starting lineup and in mid-April the Orlando Sentinel reported that team officials are interested in bringing in someone with extensive NBA head coaching experience.

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Dame Lillard Can Do More Than Just Ball

Blazers point guard Damian Lillard shows his freestylin’ skills on “Sway In The Morning.”

Everyone knows how good he is on the court, but who knew he was this good off of it?

Elfrid Payton Hammers One Down On Taj Gibson

Something has clicked for Orlando Magic point guard Elfrid Payton.

That put-back slam over Taj Gibson was two of his 17 points, to go with nine rebounds, nine assists, two steals and two triples.

Payton struggled mightily the first half of the season. Specifically the first few months. He looked completely lost.

But something happened in mid-January. Something clicked. And since January 16, Payton’s numbers look like this:

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From Way Downtown

Blazers fan drills a shot from half court last night and wins a car. Also high-fives Robin Lopez.