NBA Journeyman Jared Dudley Says ‘Melo Overrated

Carmelo Anthony

Appearing on “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio, Milwaukee Bucks forward Jared Dudley called New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony the most overrated player in the NBA.

Here’s Dudley’s response when asked who he felt was the most overrated player in the league was:

“I would say Carmelo,” Dudley remarked. “The reason? He’s viewed as a top five player. He has the talent to be able to facilitate. He has the talent to make guys better and the triangle should fit him — he’s just got to make other guys better. Defensively he has to take it the next level up. He’s got to get out of the first, second round. He’s got to get that the team to the playoffs. With that roster, LeBron would’ve been an eight seed. He’s not LeBron.”

I don’t necessarily disagree with Dudley’s comments, but I do think they need some tweaking.

I’m not sure anyone views Anthony as a top-five player anymore. Not coming off a major knee injury and missing the playoffs each of the last two seasons. But before then he was absolutely in the conversation. Especially after winning the NBA scoring title and finishing third in the MVP voting for the 2012-13 season.

And I don’t understand why Anthony is always being compared to LeBron James? Not being as good as LeBron should not be an indictment on his abilities as a player. No one is as good as James. Very few in the history of the league have been. Not being an all-time great shouldn’t be a discredit to your career.

Maybe LeBron could have gotten this Knicks team to the playoffs in the eastern conference as an eight-seed. We’ve seen him win 60 games with players that weren’t much better. Dudley’s right, ‘Melo isn’t LeBron. But that’s okay.

Carmelo may not be a top-five player anymore, but if he can prove to be healthy Anthony is certainly worthy of top-ten consideration. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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