J.R. Smith Issues Apology


Not the player I want to be not the player I want my teammates an family to see not the person I want the fans to see but I will be better! I must be better as a player an as a Person! #TheLand

That’s what J.R. Smith posted on his Instagram page after the NBA suspended him two games for his backhand punch to the face of Celtics forward Jae Crowder.

This isn’t the first time J.R. was involved in a bush-league incident.

Everyone remembers the intentional elbow to the face of Jason Terry during the 2013 playoffs in Boston. Not to mention his actions during the Nuggets-Knicks brawl at The Garden in 2006, though he can at least be cut some slack being that he was the one initially attacked in that one.

Nevertheless, the point is that Smith is a repeat offender. This is one in a long list of bonehead moves he’s made in his career and likely not the last one. Regardless of the man he claims to want to be in his Instagram post.

Quite frankly, J.R. is lucky he only got two games. He should have at least gotten five. If he simply turned around and punched Crowder in the face while looking at him he would’ve easily gotten five, maybe more. So why he only got two when he basically did just that without actually turning around is baffling to me.

Just look at the two suspensions handed down in comparison. Kelly Olynyk got one game for basically tussling Kevin Love and the NBA simply overreacted to his comments after the game saying Olynyk did it on purpose when everyone knows he didn’t. I understand that his one game will take place at the start of next season and not in the playoffs like Smith, but regardless of when it takes place, J.R. just getting one more game than he is a disgrace.

Believe what Smith says if you want. But don’t be surprised if he’s involved in another incident down the road.


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