Andrew Wiggins, Your 2014-15 NBA Rookie Of The Year

Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Andrew Wiggins impresses with an emphatic dunk over New Orleans Pelicans center Omer Asik.

Like Elfrid Payton to some extent, something has clicked for T’Wolves rookie Andrew Wiggins. Through the first 26 games of his rookie campaign, Wiggins averaged 12.0 points on 38.5% shooting.

Since then? Wiggins is scoring 19.1 points per contest and shooting 45.8% from the field while also logging eight more minutes per game.

But numbers aside, the visual improvement in his game has been glaring. Already excellent defensively, for his game to improve this much on the offensive end is scary when you really think about it.

And if you haven’t thought so already, in just a few shorts years everyone is going to look back at the Kevin Love-Andrew Wiggins trade and realize the T’Wolves made out like absolute bandits.

I bet if the Cavaliers can take that trade back today, they’d do it in a heartbeat.

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